Internship opportunities

Neighborhood House has several internships to support students and others who are looking to gain experience, skills and knowledge of working at a social-services nonprofit.

At Neighborhood House we offer:

  • Cohort Internships
  • General Internships
  • Social Work Internships

We believe that these opportunities are a great way to learn and build skills for various roles and future careers you may have while also building life skills.

Social work internships

Neighborhood House offers a unique internship opportunity for those who are studying to obtain their Bachelor’s of Social Work degree (BSW) and/or their Master’s degree of Social Work (MSW). These opportunities help give students necessary skills and real-life experience at a social-service organization, while helping us to achieve our mission. Social Work internships take place throughout the year.

Cohort internships

Cohort internships usually range from 10-20 hours per week and can be either direct service or support service focused. These internships are currently unpaid, however some students will qualify for funding through their higher education institution. These will vary depending upon the semester and our current needs.

Service Learning/Internship application

  1. Inquire about applying here. Include important details about your education requirements in your message.
  2. Barb Swaiman or a representative from Neighborhood House will respond to you.

Additional internships

Neighborhood House offers a variety of internship opportunities. We aim to offer internships every spring, summer, and fall semester.

Have questions?

Interested in learning more about internships in general?

Email Barb Swaiman, our Social Work Intern Manager.

Our goal is to offer high quality internship opportunities that give students necessary skills and experience while helping our organization achieve our mission.

— Barb Swaiman (Social Work Intern Manager)