Food Support

Food Support at Neighborhood House

At Neighborhood House our Food Support Program includes two free food markets, fresh produce distribution events, and other food support related services and assistance. We work hard to provide healthy, culturally appropriate and nutritious foods for our community and believe that no one should ever experience food insecurity. Call our Service Connect line if you need help.

What we provide

Our healthy food standards

We believe that everyone should have access to healthy foods and the knowledge of how to prepare them. A healthy sustainable food supply decreases the potential of chronic diseases, increases productivity in the classroom and workplace, and improves health equity in our communities. At Neighborhood House we make a promise to provide quality and nutritious foods to our participants who visit our free food markets.

Food safety

Neighborhood House practices all food safety precautions to ensure the food we provide to the community is healthy and safe.

There are several ways you can be part of our Food Support Program.

Thank you from our food support team!

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Food Market Recipes

Food Market Recipes

Healthy seasonal recipes for food items available in our two food markets can be downloaded here.

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