Housing Stability

About the Housing Stability Program

Here at Neighborhood House we understand the importance of stable housing for families. Our Housing Stability program prevents evictions and homelessness through emergency financial assistance and working collaboratively with county and community partners to locate available resources. We follow a “housing first” model of care because we believe that safe housing is the foundation needed to address any other concerns in a person’s life. In crisis situations, our staff intervene to restore families to equilibrium and to prevent future crises by providing a continuum of services.

Support our Housing Stability work

We are seeing more families now than ever before who are struggling to pay their rent and other bills as prices for things like food, gas and energy bills continue to rise.

Partner with Neighborhood House and help keep our community strong and housed through these difficult times. Make a donation to our Housing Stability team today.

Crisis Financial Assistance

Neighborhood House is known as a prevention provider in Ramsey County. Preventing Homelessness and Evictions. Our crisis financial services are not limited to assisting with housing but housing is one of the most requested areas of need.

Housing Trust Fund

Housing Trust Fund (HTF), provides services to 12 families that are eligible to receive a voucher that is time-limited to work on goals and they then only pay 30% of their income on their housing costs.

Referrals for the HTF program come through Ramsey County CAHS (Coordinated Access to Housing and Shelter) Program to Neighborhood House.

Families First Program

The Families First program provides qualifying families with a $300 monthly rent supplement and ongoing supportive services for three years. The Community Stabilization Project, Saint Paul City School in partnership with Model Cities, Neighborhood House, and YWCA Saint Paul provide supportive services.