Frequently asked questions

Are the programs free?
What are the requirements to join the Youth Program?
Participants must be ages 6-18.
How can I enroll my child for Youth programming?

A parent or legal guardian can sign their child up for any youth program being offered by filling out our online form here. Please note, this does not guarantee that your child is enrolled. 

Can my child enroll in more than 1 program?
Is there an enrollment deadline for each program?

Participants are accepted on a first-come-first-come basis.

  • School year: 15 capacity
  • Summer: 50 capacities | application deadline: June 13
Is food provided during programming?
School year:
  • Snacks are provided
  • Snacks & Lunch are provided
Do we provide transportation for programming?
We only provide transportation for field trips.
Are parents allowed to go on field trips?
Parents will be informed ahead of time if they are able to attend field tips with their child.
Is there a Zip code policy (do we only serve west side Saint Paul)?
  • We prioritize the City of Saint Paul residents
  • Families outside of Saint Paul can still enroll in Neighborhood House Youth Programs
What are the hours of your programs?


  • Lending Library: 3-5pm
  • Homework Help: 3:30-6pm
  • Kids Imagine: 6-8pm
  • Summer Sunrise program: 9am-3pm
Where are the youth programs being held at?

During the school year, our primary youth programming space is held in the Celita Center room 130A.

Summer Sunrise is held in room 31 on the lower level.

How long does programming run until (Start Date - End Date)?
  • School year: SPPS calendar
  • Summer: June 21-August 11
What type of proteins/meat/ingredient are you serving that may be culturally restricted?
We do our best to provide alternatives to our participants that have cultural restrictions.
Can my kids bring their own lunch?
We provide lunch, but participants are more than welcome to bring their own if they would like.
Are there other programs that you can direct me to get help?
Service Connect : 651-789-3602
Is there a translator (available/on-site)?
We do not have a designated translator. However, we have staff when available to translate.
What are your Covid-19 protocols?
  • Masks are required
  • Frequent sanitation throughout programming times
  • CDC Guidelines – if you’re showing symptoms