Our classic brandmark

Neighborhood House classic brandmark

Our classic brandmark

Our classic Neighborhood House brandmark dates back to the mid-1980s. Originally created in pastels, the color palette was refreshed in 2015 with the basic look remaining the same.

Our work is centered in best practices and more than 100 years of experience, as well as research that has been conducted by well-respected institutions throughout the nation. Current methods are used to address the issues of poverty and systemic racism that today’s families are experiencing.

And yet, the look and messaging of Neighborhood House has not kept pace with the innovative and leading-edge work that is being produced by our organization today.

Our new brandmark

As a nod to the historical and positive impact Neighborhood House has made in the community of Saint Paul and beyond, our new brandmark echos the saturated color palette of the joyous characters with arms raised in celebration, but with a distinctively new and modern spirit.

Brandmark elements

Our brandmark is comprised of two elements: the logotype and the symbol. Together they are referred to as the brandmark.

The logotype is a sans serif font and evokes a clean modern, easy-to-read, and approachable style in royal blue.

The incorporation of a symbol (NH) adds to storytelling as representation, in this case Neighborhood House.

The symbol of the NH graphic was designed to represent the idea of expansiveness and movement. It may be interpreted as connections and bridges — and those that lead to Neighborhood House. It may also be seen as a plan view with a bird’s eye vision of community neighborhoods, byways and curved waterways, all moving and active. It may also call to mind what the viewer may project on to it from their own imagination. All along a sun-like orb of golden light rises, sets, and rises again — a rhythmic pattern of its daily presence, much like the work and mission of Neighborhood House.

Brandmark guidelines

For more information about the Neighborhood House brandmark and/or to request brand guidelines and/or brandmark file formats, please email Annie Celander.

Thank you.