Frequently asked questions

What day and times is Housing Stability staff able to assist?
The staff are available by phone and email Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. We are not available on Federal Holidays or Weekends.
How do I contact Housing Stability at Neighborhood House?
Answer: The best way to contact us is through our Service Connect number (651-789-3602) or by filling out the online form by clicking here. They can not only connect you to a Housing Stability Case Manager but can also refer you to other programs that may be beneficial to you.
What can Neighborhood House Housing Stability Program help with?
When a family faces a situation that puts them at risk for homelessness, Assistance may include emergency financial support, housing inspections, mediation between tenants and landlords, or other resources through the county or community partners.
Who is eligible for assistance through Neighborhood House?
Our services are available to all residents in Ramsey County. Participants must meet all eligibility requirements and be able to provide all required paperwork/forms to receive resources from Neighborhood House. Eligibility is based on the participant’s or family’s specific information and needs.
What is the first step in getting assistance from Neighborhood House?
Neighborhood House Housing Stability Program funders request that you apply for Emergency Assistance through Ramsey County. The information for Emergency Assistance is located on their website at:
How long does the process take and when will I have an answer on if I am eligible for service?
There is sometimes a high volume of housing assistance request, so it might take longer than expected to hear back from us. Once you are the next person on the list for assistance, you will receive a phone call from one of the staff to complete a membership packet. The staff will then send out two emails with important information and forms that will need to be signed. The next step will be for staff to gather any other necessary information to determine eligibility for what you are requesting assistance for. We will need proof of income and other documentation. Then the staff will determine the steps needed to resolve your housing needs. The process time depends on request for information and forms and on how fast these items are provided.
Once approved, how long does it take for the funds to be received?
Funds are usually received within 10-14 days. If the provider needs a guarantee letter regarding payment, we can provide this to the landlord or provider.
Can I apply for assistance if I am receiving a housing subsidy or assistance from another organization?
Yes, you can apply for assistance through Neighborhood House if you are already receiving a housing subsidy or assistance through another organization. The Housing Stability staff will determine if you are eligible for assistance and communicate if we are able to assist you.