Frequently asked questions

Can I visit your food market?

Yes, anyone is welcome! We currently do not have any requirements to visit our food markets.

Wellstone Center: You must make an appointment prior to visiting this food market. Please call (651) 789-3602 from 9 AM – 4 PM, Monday-Friday.

Francis Basket: You do not need an appointment to visit this food market, show-up during shopping hours and ring the door bell.

Find more information about our food markets here.

What do I need to bring the first time I use the food market?
Just yourself! If you do have an ID card this would be helpful to our staff however.
What is the Food Market process?

Wellstone Center: We have an appointment-based choice model at our Wellstone Center food market. This system is first-come, first-serve. When it is your appointment time all you have to do is show up, to choose the food items you want (up to a certain limit based on household size).

When a person comes to get food, they sign in at the food market desk, complete an intake to update our information and get connected with holistic resources, and then go shopping.

Francis Basket: We are currently operating this food market under a curbside/pick-up model. Participants will come to the exterior door, a food intake worker will work with them to find out their needs and complete an intake and will bring out their groceries.

Do I need an appointment?

Wellstone Center: Yes, please call us at (651) 789-3602.

Francis Basket: No.

Do I have to sign in?
Our trained Neighborhood House staff and interns will conduct a short intake with you. This process involves asking you a few questions and connecting you to other resources if desired.
English is not my first language. Do you have someone who speaks my language?
Our diverse group of staff, volunteers, and interns are always here to assist you. If we don’t happen to have someone around who speaks your primary language, we can utilize a translation service.
What kind of food can I expect to receive? Is the food healthy?
We strive to offer fresh, healthy, and culturally relevant food for you and your family. With that in mind, you can expect to receive nonperishable items as well as produce, dairy, and protein.
What is the food market like? Will I feel welcomed?

Wellstone Center: We are currently using an appointment-based choice model at this food market. We strive to create a dignified and comfortable shopping experience where our participants can choose the foods they want and will use. When a person comes to get food here, they sign in at the food market desk, complete an intake to update our information and get connected with holistic resources and then go shopping with a volunteer to pick out food.

Francis Basket: We are currently operating a curbside/walk-up model in which participants are not allowed to enter the market. Despite our minimal in-person interactions, our staff, volunteers, and interns always provide a welcoming experience to all shoppers.

Does the food market accept SNAP/EBT benefits?
There is no cost associated with shopping at our food markets so SNAP and EBT benefits are not accepted. If you’re interested in finding out if you are eligible for SNAP benefits or if you need to renew your benefits, we have a SNAP Outreach Coordinator on staff who can help you.
Can I donate food?

Yes, we do accept food donations! Please visit our in-kind giving page for more information on how to make a food donation. There you can also find our wish list! Thank you for considering donating! 

Is the Food Market ADA accessibility?
Yes, our Wellstone Food Market is ADA accessible but unfortunately our Francis Basket location isn’t.
Where does the food come from?
We source food from two major food banks in Minnesota – Second Harvest Heartland and The Food Group. Additionally, we glean food from two Lunds grocery stories and amass fresh produce from farmers markets in the summer.
How often can I visit the food market?

Wellstone Center: We use an appointment based system that currently allows one visit per month from one household.

Francis Basket: We welcome people to pick-up food once a week.

Do you offer delivery?
Unfortunately, we do not deliver.
Can I pick-up food for someone else?

Yes, you’re welcome to pick-up food for another person/family as a proxy! Examples of a proxy (authority to represent someone else) include: case manager, relative, friend and neighbor.  

If you would like to shop as a proxy for someone other than yourself, you must bring a completed TEFAP form to your scheduled appointment. This form must be completed by the person/family whom you would like to shop for. It is crucial that they complete the front and back of the form, especially where the form asks for proxy permission.

 Alternatively, you can obtain a proxy form by visiting one of our two food markets. If you are shopping as a proxy, you are welcome to shop for up to two households per appointment. 

Do you offer prepared food?
No, the food at our market includes nonperishable items, produce, dairy, and protein that needs to be prepared.
Do you offer items other than food?
Occasionally we receive donated items that are not food. For example, baby diapers, adult diapers, household and hygiene items, and feminine hygiene products. We distribute these items when we are able.
Where can I park?
At the Wellstone Center, you may park behind the building along the curb (on the left as you drive up). At Francis Basket, you may park anywhere you find a spot on the street.