Small Steps - Children ages 12 months - 5 years of age

Small Steps Child Care is an early childhood education program for children ages 12 months to five years old. The program is offered to children with a parent enrolled in an onsite Adult Education class at the Wellstone Center as a service to eliminate the child care barrier many parents experience when they want to pursue further/continued adult education. Small Steps offers children a fun, safe, and energetic place to play, learn, and practice English language skills using the Let Them Play curriculum series. Many children enrolled in Small Steps transition to the Skills for School preschool program and THRIVE Family online and in-home visiting program when they are of age.

Our educators focus on:

  • Promoting social emotional regulation
  • Helping foster positive peer interactions
  • Inspiring curiosity in problem-solving
  • Encouraging symbolic thinking
  • Exploring the alphabet—skills like phonological awareness, identifying letters and letter sound knowledge
  • Nurturing emerging reading and writing skills
  • Teaching number concepts and operations like counting, quantifying, and connecting numerals with their quantitie

Let Them Play curriculum series

This new comprehensive program that invites every child to take the first steps on their learning adventure through songs, games, and books.

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If you would like to learn more about the Parent and Early Childhood Education program and inquire about registering your family for the program please contact Service Connect.

The Parent and Early Childhood Education program at Neighborhood House promotes inclusivity and multiculturalism, which we strive to align with our mission and vision.