Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements to participate?

Participants must:

  • Spanish-speaking Latinx
  • Age 18+ 
  • Live, work or volunteer in Minnesota (In-person sessions)
  • Beginning involvement or seeking to get more involved in the community, a school or neighborhood.
  • Active participation in class
  • Must be able to attend all sessions
How do I register for the Latino Leadership Program?
Please contact Victoria Campoverde via email or call our Service Connect line at 651-789-3602.
What are the training methods used in class?

Training methods for both in-person and online classes include:

  • Learning activities
  • Small group discussions (or breakout sessions on Zoom) 
  • Exchange of personal experiences
  • Guest speakers and panels
Is childcare provided?
If you are taking the in-person sessions, yes childcare is provided or can be arranged.
Can I just take Level 1?
Yes, it is not required to take all the levels.
Is transportation provided?
Transportation may be available, but is not guaranteed. Please email Victoria Campoverde to confirm.