Additional Classes

Graduate Equivalency Degree (GED) exam preparation

The General Educational Development (GED) test is a series of four tests that students can complete to gain a high school credential. These tests include:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Social Studies
  • Science

The GED classes at Neighborhood House are designed to help students prepare for this test in a dynamic, engaging classroom. These classes are a combination of U.S.-born students who did not complete high school and English Language Learners who have completed English classes and need a high school credential for work or college.

English Language Learner Program

Students learn about health, housing, work, food, money, and many other everyday topics. After students complete the Advanced ELL class, they are able to join the GED classes or pursue higher education.

English Language Civics

The English Language / Civics (EL/Civis) classes are funded by a grant from the Minnesota Department of Education. Civics classes teach English skills through a focus on U.S. citizenship, community engagement, Minnesota culture and history, and job skills. Students in these classes all have a goal of eventually obtaining employment or improving their current employment situation. Many students in this class also volunteer at other Neighborhood House programs as part of an apprenticeship to gain job skills.

Computer Classes

Students in computer classes learn how to use the internet, e-mail, and Microsoft Office programs. Every other day of computer class is run as an open lab where students can work on any computer-related project and get support from staff and volunteers. Students in this class work toward gaining a Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment certificate, a computer skills credential recognized throughout the state.


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