Frequently asked questions

What are the overall services offered by your program?
Adult Education at Neighborhood House offers English, GED, civics, computer, and citizenship classes with the goal of helping learners gain the skills to pursue economic self-sufficiency.
When is this program offered?
There are both daytime and nighttime, in-person and online options for many of our classes.
How do I register or get more information on taking an Adult Education class?

You may register by doing any of the following:

What happens after I register?
If you register in-person, you will take a short assessment to determine your class level. You will then get a class schedule and a start date. If you register online, someone will contact you by the following Monday via text message with your class schedule.
Who is eligible to take adult classes?
Anyone who is 17 or older, not attending high school, and a resident of Minnesota is eligible for classes.
How much do classes cost?
They’re free!
How long do students stay in class?
Classes run year-round, and students stay as long as they need. Students in the GED classes typically stay until they pass all four tests (math, science, social studies, and language arts).
Can I take the GED test at Neighborhood House?
We do not give the official GED test, but we can give students official practices, help them sign up for the real test, and pay for their testing fees.
Is childcare available during classes?
Childcare for children 1-5 is available during our 9:00 – 11:00 AM classes, and youth programming for children 5 – 18 is available during the 6:00 – 8:00 PM classes.