March Food Drive

Join us as we aim to raise $200,000 from 

February 27 until April 9 for March Food Drive!

What is March Food Drive?

March Food Drive, an annual fundraiser, helps Neighborhood House distribute nearly one million pounds of healthy, fresh and culturally-appropriate foods to our diverse group of more than 16,000 participants visiting us annually, allowing them to maintain their dignity, health and culture during a challenging time in their lives.


Once March Food Drive begins and we start fundraising, each dollar donated to the Neighborhood House Food Support Program will have a portion matched by MN FoodShare? The  more money and food items (lbs.) donated throughout March Food Drive, the more funds we receive from MN FoodShare. 



Like many other food shelves across the metro, we are seeing increased visits from the same families and more new faces visiting our two free food markets. Added challenges like inflation, availability of food staples, and economic hardships have continued to plague families who were already struggling.

More Minnesotans were dependent on food shelves and food stamps in 2022 than the previous years.*

The only way we can move forward as a community is as a community. Your support and partnership in our efforts are how St. Paul will begin to recover from the impacts of this pandemic while creating a more equitable community for all. Thank you for considering making a donation.


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Hunger snapshot | Where is the need:

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people in MN experienced food insecurity. That's 483,000 people.

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of black households in
MN experienced food insecurity

Giving Snapshot donated food

million people in the US turned to the emergency food system in 2021

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children didn't have regular access to the nutrition needed to thrive

Fundraising Resources:

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Everything you need to know about starting your own Peer to Peer Fundraiser can be found here. 

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