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Who was Constance Currie?



According to the St. Paul Almanac’s article, anyone who knows the history of Neighborhood House on St. Paul’s West Side probably knows the name Constance Currie. Currie served as the executive director of Neighborhood House from 1918-1957.

Even though surrounded by people from other countries with unfamiliar customs and speaking unfamiliar languages, the Almanac said that Currie was determined to make her time at Neighborhood House matter. She felt a community must be built on a foundation of personal relationships, so one of her first steps as new director was to get a job with the school department taking a city census. She and her assistant gathered statistical information door-to-door and soon could greet every neighbor by name.

cc2Many say that under her leadership, Neighborhood House was transformed into the oasis of hope and possibility it is today. People still look to Neighborhood House to find a teacher, an interpreter, a counselor, a confidante in times of trouble, and a community of friends. Services like emergency assistance, programs for children, adults, and seniors, English classes, cultural empowerment groups, transitional services for newly arrived immigrants, and scholarships are still offered.