Crisis Support

Crisis Support - Direct Services

At the outset of services, each family completes an intake form identifying family history, income, housing status, and other important information. The family then meets with a Family Center coach to discuss their situation and develop a service plan that includes specific goals and outcomes. Following the initial meeting, the family applies existing strengths and resources toward concrete tasks. Meanwhile, our coaches provide services tailored to the family’s unique circumstances. In conjunction, budgeting skills are taught, helping families achieve greater economic self-sufficiency. Families also receive screenings for public work support programs and tax credits, along with assistance completing benefit applications. Next, the family works toward goals and outcomes with support from staff who provide services tailored to the family’s unique circumstances.

Once immediate concerns are addressed (usually within 24 hours of crisis onset), staff focus on helping families access affordable housing if needed. Various short, medium, and long-term strategies are used, depending on a family’s need and their ability to become self-sufficient again, notably case management, financial assistance, and life skills classes.

Research shows that families who are vulnerable and at-risk for homeless tend to be more responsive to interventions and social services support after they are in their own housing, rather than while living in temporary or transitional facilities or housing programs. For this reason, our Family Centers provide targeted advocacy services to homeless or nearly homeless families. Through finding permanent, safe housing, these families can begin to regain self-confidence and control over their lives.

We work to ensure long-term success of families through Life Skills programming. A variety of topics are offered, such as:

  • Employment
  • Anger management
  • Barriers to children’s success (domestic violence prevention)
  • Fire safety
  • Healthy homes for children
  • Home weatherization,
  • Stretching a budget, etc.

Our ability to increase parental resilience and confidence helps children do better in all areas of their lives.